We focus on building our clients from the inside out. You cannot have a healthy exterior, without a healthy interior.

The human body is like an engine. You need to add the right type of fuel to make it run efficiently, with the highest power output. We do not believe in restricting fuel, because it will cause the engine to run out, or worse breakdown. You need to eat to lose fat and build muscle density. Each can be done at the same time if you use the right types of fuels at the right time.

We provide personalized nutrition macronutrients, meal plan, supplement plan, grocery list, sleeping plan, daily access to us for questions, bi-weekly adjustments, and a whole lot of accountability. The nutrition program is a hybrid of multiple different methodologies with an emphasis on maintaining a balanced hormone state, burn fat, build dense muscle, get stronger, get faster, have more energy, and have long-term success. All at the same time.

We work with individuals who do not workout, as well as athletes of all sports. We believe everyone can benefit from our customized nutrition programs.

Coach Spencer Murphy

Owner/Founder PerfectFit Nutrition Coaching, Athlete, Author, Nutrition and Supplement Expert

After a serious injury playing college baseball, I took the path of healing myself naturally through food. I had two reasons. First, I didn’t want to have surgery. Second, I couldn’t afford it. This led me to research, and test many different methodologies on myself in order to find a way to recover from my injury.

I have been fortunate enough over the past 14 years of research, and testing, I can apply the different methodologies to my clients to help them with their specific needs.

My sole purpose as a coach is to help my clients achieve their health, and fitness goals, whatever they may be. I believe we have an ethical responsibility, as coaches, to provide the highest quality of coaching to every client, no matter what. I have worked with all sports, ages, and skill levels with phenomenal success with each.

Precision Nutrition Level 1

Coach Lauren Hoey

Wife, Trainer, Co-Owner of The Fitness Coalition, Sports Nutritionist and 60kg Raw Powerlifter.

My love of fitness began early on from softball through grade school, basketball through high school onto dance performance at the college level. Being a strong female in the modern world is something that has always intrigued me. My passion for weightlifting and nutrition sparked just out of high school. As my strength grew so did my passion for learning more of what the body is capable of. As well as fueling for performance. I had a friend introduced me to CrossFit a few years later and I instantly fell in love with the challenge. After almost two years in the CF world, I met and married my now husband. We’ve since opened a facility together. Fast forward five years…

Owning a facility and growing more competitive in CF/Powerlifting/Strongman my hunger for learning/pursuing more about fueling for performance has grown dramatically. I’m training and coaching clients of all types in nutrition every day. I can now say that I’m pursuing my passion to help others find their strength and achieve the goals they’ve always wanted for themselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

Licensed Primary Sports Nutritionist (LPSN)
Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Strongman Trainer
BirthFit Certified Coach

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