12 Week Custom Nutrition Program – Cut and/or Build


  • Custom 1 on 1  Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Adjustments to Program
  • Weekly Consultation with Your Coach
  • Access to A Coach 7 Days a Week
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Grocery List
  • Supplementation & Timing
  • Sleep/Meal Timing
  • Sport Specific
  • Competition/Meet Nutrition Programming
  • Free Shirt or Tank
  • 10% off Apparel & 10% Discount Code for Supplements (Message for Details)
  • How To Guide for The Program, and Tips To Maximize Results
  • Tips on how to succeed with a Busy Work Schedule, Including Swing Shifts

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What Are The Differences Between PFN Personalized Programs, Macro Counting, and Other Templates?

  • A 100% Custom Nutrition Program Based On Age, Weight, Gender, Training Preference, Overall Goals, and more.
  • Increase Your Overall Health, Wellness, and Physical Activity Levels
  • Full Access To A Coach Each Day of The Program
  • Reduce Body Fat while Building Dense Muscle
  • No Bulking or Cutting Cycles = Much Faster Performance & Aesthetic Results
  • No Calorie Restrictions.
  • Learn How to Listen to Your Own Body
  • We Teach The WHY & HOW, So PFN Is Sustainable After the Program

What Is Included In The Customized Nutrition Plans?

  • Custom 1 on 1  Nutrition Program
  • Weekly Adjustments to Program
  • Weekly Consultation with Your Coach
  • Access to A Coach 7 Days a Week
  • Personalized Meal Plan
  • Grocery List
  • Supplementation & Timing
  • Sleep/Meal Timing
  • Sport Specific
  • Competition/Meet Nutrition Programming
  • Free Shirt or Tank
  • 10% off Apparel & 10% Discount Code for Supplements (Message for Details)
  • How To Guide for The Program, and Tips To Maximize Results
  • Tips on how to succeed with a Busy Work Schedule, Including Swing Shifts

What Type of Physical Training Are The PFN Programs Good For?

  • PFN Nutrition Program is Used by Athletes In All Sports, and Physical Fitness Preferences.
  • Each Training Method is Different, and Each Athlete Receives a Plan Specific to Their Needs.


Do You Have Access To A Coach?

  • Yes, you have access to a coach 7 Days a Week.

Does PFN Offer Refunds

  • Once a program has been sent to a client, there are no refunds available.


  • Please consult a physician before starting PFN if you have any known medical condition inducing, but not limited to, cancer, thyroid, pregnancy or lactating, and so on.
  • Access to Coach May Very Based On Personal Schedule, and Special Situations. Coach May Take Up to 48 Hours to Respond If Personal Schedule, or Special Situation Occurs.
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9 reviews for 12 Week Custom Nutrition Program – Cut and/or Build

  1. Joey H

    “Perfect Fit Nutrition is a gamer changer. Plain and simple.

    I’ve tried a lot of different methods of eating for body composition and performance. By far, the method PerfectFit Nutrition uses has been the easiest to follow and the most effective. Since starting with PerfectFit Nutrition, I’ve lost body fat while simultaneously putting on lean body mass. All together I’ve lost over 30lbs of fat and gained over 10lbs of muscle since December of 2016. During that time I have seen some pretty outstanding progress within the gym. I’ve continuously been getting stronger. Every week I’m hitting PR’s in something. My conditioning is noticeably better and my recovery between workouts is by far the biggest thing I’ve noticed. I’ll do a pretty nasty conditioning piece and be ready to go 10 minutes or so after. That is something new to me. I would normally be a one and done kind of guy. I’ve been hitting more two-a-days than I can remember since starting with Perfect Fit Nutrition. My recovery from day to day is noticeably better as well. I haven’t been waking up as sore as I used to and I 100% contribute that to my nutrition and supplement plan.

    The coaches of Perfect Fit Nutrition are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Spencer has been a huge help to me. He gave me a very simple lay out to follow and has been available to help answer all of my questions I may have in a very reasonable time frame. I know the coaches with PerfectFit Nutrition are invested in wanting to see my success and that’s a great feeling to have. Knowing that somebody believes in you and wants you to see you succeed is a feeling everybody should feel.

    I would highly recommend Perfect Fit Nutrition to anybody who is looking and in need of nutritional coaching. Their plans are extremely easy to follow and you will be set on the right path from the very beginning.” – Joey H

  2. Dawn L

    “I started working with Spencer & Lauren in January of 2017. I had been serious in the gym for going on 3 years at the time. However, i never took my nutrition seriously. I would try diets out and last for maybe a few weeks, a month at the most and then go right back into my bad habits. Never fully knowing how to fuel body, i failed time after time. In January I decided enough was enough. I’d worked so hard in the gym and was getting stronger, but dammit I wanted to SEE my muscles! With PFN Coaching, I finally learned how to properly fuel my body. I was never starved for food at any time. The program was very easy to follow, they told me exactly what to eat and thats what i did. I started to feel amazing in my workouts. I PR’d my lifts like crazy! And most of all, I felt amazing in my health and in my self confidence. After being on the program for about 6 months, I lost 29 pounds and a total of 15.5″. My blood pressure was averaging 130/85 and now sits around 115/70 on most days. Lauren was my personal coach and had my back every step of the way. She helped me get through times when I just wanted to quit and cheered me on every time we spoke. She kept me accountable which is what I needed someone to do so that I could succeed. I am still a work in progress but thanks to PFN Coaching, they have given me valuable tools to continue on a healthy path in my life. I can’t ever thank them enough!” – Dawn L

  3. Kevin L

    “After finishing my 3 month nutrition program with Lauren Hoey from PFN Coaching I couldn’t be happier. Started at 208lbs and finished up at 177lbs and size 36 pants down to size 30! At first I thought how could I be eating this kind of food and so much of it and lose weight. Well it worked and the muscle I gained was amazing. I didn’t change anything I was doing at the gym, just my nutrition. Working with Lauren was so easy, always making sure I was staying on track and always there for me no matter how small the questions were that I may have. If you have hit that wall and are looking for a way to reach that next level or just want to be healthier, I totally recommend PFN Coaching and see the amazing things they can do for you!” – Kevin L

  4. Jason M

    “Working with Spencer on my nutrition has been a huge wake up call to how food makes me feel and fuel my body. I can’t say I’m ever hungry, quite the opposite in fact. Some days I can’t even finish my meals, which is fine as well, I’m always told to listen to my body. Eat till I’m full or have a snack if hungry. I thought switching up my eating would make me tired or sluggish in workouts, but all of my lifts and times have improved with no drop
    In energy levels. If you’ve tried other diets or don’t know where to start, PFN coaching will show you a healthier way to fuel your body and how to listen to your body’s reactions to foods.” – Jason M

  5. Anneke M

    “Every person has a different catalyst for seeking nutritional guidance. My tipping point came when I stepped off a plane in February of 2017. That trip was the culmination of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wodapalooza, a work trip to Germany, and my mom’s 70th birthday and it left me feeling exhausted and bloated. I had been sicker the past 4 months than I had been in the past 10 years combined.

    I’ve known Spencer for a long time, and we’ve talked about nutrition many times. I knew he was knowledgeable about nutrition, but I guess because I consider myself fairly knowledgeable about nutrition, I hesitated to reach out and ask for help. But when you can’t stay awake past 6 pm and your kids are making their own dinner because you’re physically unable to get up, it’s a wake-up call. When you’re doubled over in pain in the bathroom at work because you’re so bloated and sick to your stomach every day, you realize you need to make a change.

    Could I have adjusted my own nutrition? Made better choices? Probably. But as a working mother of three busy kids who puts her body through the wringer, I knew that to be successful I needed a coach. I needed someone who could objectively look at my life and my food and tell me the hard truth. I needed someone who understood what I put my body through in the gym every day and could fuel me appropriately. At 42, I’ve finally learned that I can’t do everything myself!

    What I loved from the very first interaction with Spencer was how comprehensive his approach is. The questionnaire is very thorough and examines every aspect of your lifestyle to include goals, stress, sleep, water intake, activity level, food likes and dislikes, etc. This insures you’re not on a “one size fits all” approach to your nutrition. You know your plan is tailored to your specific situation

    The second thing I like is the accountability factor. Every two weeks before he makes adjustments, he asks another series of questions and requests progress photos. If I know my results are being seen by someone else, it makes me very compliant! Additionally, even though there is accountability, there are also options. Spencer always asks if I have special events coming up so he can plan the next two weeks of food accordingly. If I go on vacation and get a little off the rails, he knows how to get me right back on track. While it’s still very much about making the right choices and being disciplined, there is room to live life as well.

    Last, but not least, are the results. While I wasn’t necessarily looking to lose weight, I lost about 9# from my start date to present and lost almost 4% bodyfat, sitting at 12% at 42 years old. My energy levels are through the roof, to the point where I’m doing two-a-day workouts and still have energy to spare in the evenings. My stomach is normal, with all my bloating, pain, and indigestion gone! And, my performance in my workouts is better than it’s been since my last Regionals in 2013. Overall, I feel better than I’ve felt in years.

    If you’re finding that you’re struggling with any of the things I’ve described above, I highly recommend that you contact PFN Nutrition and work with one of their coaches. It’s been a life-changer for me!” – Anneke M

  6. Ryan Q

    “Results: they speak for themselves.!
    Before 185 lbs
    After 175 lbs
    This was done in 8 weeks. *

    I don’t have access to a very accurate body comp analysis, but the cheap handheld one at my gym said I went from about 15% bf from before, down to 10% bf now.

    I loved the results of this program, energy is better, feel full all the time, it’s obvious how healthy I feel. Like night and day. Wish I did it earlier.

    I always struggled to get leaner, and I knew my diet was my weakness, as I train Hard. In college I used to be 230 lbs and I was far less strong than I am now. I tried various nutrition strategies with moderate success, but nothing compares to what I’ve done on this program. Wherever you are at, start this program and stay with it. It will work.” – Ryan Q

  7. Logan F

    “I started with Spencer in the beginning of February and it was awesome for the start! Not easy because I love my carbs but he made it super easy with basically dummy proof instructions. Within a month I already noticed differences in my body losing a lot of fat around my hips and chest while also having all of my strength numbers go up! Around the same mark I noticed I had way more energy and wasn’t constant craving snack food which was a big help. Joining up is defnitley worth the cost it makes you commit to eating well and holding your self accountable while having Spencer to talk to about anything to make it as easy as possible. If you wanna feel good with your body I would defnitley shoot him a message and join up!” – Logan F

  8. Randy W

    “I started PFN on the last week of January, right before the Crossfit Open started. At the time I weighed 204 lbs and was hit or miss on how my performance in the gym was. I was doing the zone diet at the time and not having great success.

    After the two week reset period on PFN, my body had already tightened up and I had lost 5 lbs. my performance level was up in the gym and my sleep was on point. As the weeks progressed so did my performance. I had the best Open season that I hav ever had. I was able to do the wods at a level I was never able to in the past. My mobility was far better than before, which made technical movements far easier.

    I’m about to finish up my 12th week of PFN and am down 15lbs. My performance is still up and my midsection is tighter than it’s ever been. Most programs say “Results Not Typical” but I think it’s the opposite for PFN. The program is easy to follow and completely dummy proof. Just do what it says and you will see fantastic results.” – Randy W. (Night Shift LEO)

  9. Alan B

    “In two weeks I will complete my first year with PFN. I had been following a paleo style diet for about three years prior, but this is the first time I had followed a prescribed nutrition plan. My goal was to improve athletic performance, specifically body weight exercises. Ultimately I achieved my goal along with some bonus prizes along the way.

    I’m 42 years old and I truly feel like I have never been in better shape. I feel better when I wake up in the morning. I sleep better at night. I’m never really hungry throughout the day and I don’t need to snack. I have always had an athletic physique but now I have actual definition. My strength numbers have continued to improve and I am still getting pr’s in my benchmark workouts. I improved in my CrossFit Open ranking in the 40-44 age group from 110th in 2017, to 23rd in 2018. That is a huge improvement for me. My training volume has been the same, the only thing that has changed is my nutrition.

    I don’t even consider PFN a diet, it’s just how I roll now. I would recommend PFN to anyone who is serious about their fitness.” – Alan B

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