Nutrition Challenge – 6 Week Group Program


  • Semi-Custom Macronutrients & Meal Plan
  • 2 Adjustments To Program by A Coach Based on Progress & Participation
  • Grocery List
  • Supplement Timing
  • Sleep/Meal Timing
  • Sport Specific
  • Free Shirt or Tank
  • 10% Off Apparel Purchased Through PFN Website
  • Winners Receive Their Money Back, $200 worth of Xendurance Supplements, Custom PFN Nike Metcon Shoes, and Possibly More…


The PerfectFit Nutrition Coaching Nutrition Challenge is a 6-week nutrition program for Gyms looking to add competition to their group nutrition coaching. Prizes are awarded to the Male and Female participants who put in the most work.
We provide semi-custom programs, program adjustments at the mid way point, weekly check-ins, closed FB group, daily access to coaches, and up to $800 worth of prize per winner*.
  • *Must Have 15 Participants to Qualify for Full Prize Package
  • *Must Have 25 Participants, or more, to Qualify for a Male & Female Prize Packages
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4 reviews for Nutrition Challenge – 6 Week Group Program

  1. Rob C.

    “This was a great program that allowed us to make positive changes in the way we shop, cook and eat and we’ll be incorporating a great deal of what we learned in our everyday lives. Thanks Lo for always being available for our questions and all the support” -Rob C. Jute CrossFit

  2. Chelsea B

    “I learned that I should be eating a lot more than I used to in order to have energy. (And keep up with my kids)” -Chelsea B. Jute CrossFit

  3. Tina C

    “Will definitely be cooking more, I’ve permanently given up my coffee creamer for the unsweetened vanilla almond milk. I CAN get Rob to eat veggies and like it! I no longer suffer that afternoon energy “ crash” which is great. Thank you for your support & answering all our questions!” Tina C. Jute CrossFit

  4. Sam A

    “I was nervous at first because I have never done anything like this. My take way is that it really does matter what you eat! Somehow I thought oh I do CrossFit so I can still eat all of this but nope! I feel the difference in my workouts and was surprised to see the scale change. I also learned that being on a diet doesn’t mean eating less and that you can still eat out with friends just choose your food wisely! Also I learned how to cook a pretty darn good steak 😉 thank you Lauren Hoey for your guidance and support” -Sam A. Jute CrossFit

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