PerfectFit Nutrition Templates


  • Semi-Custom Macronutient Plan Based On Each Individual
  • How To Guides to Maximize Results
  • Great For Individuals Who Want The Freedom to Eat What They Want, And Still Follow A Program Designed to Reduce Body Fat While Building Dense Muscle
  • Access to A Coach During The First Week of The Template, and One Revision To Template
  • Payment Is Transferable If The Individual Wants 1-1 Coaching, Customized Program, and Full Access to A Coach
  • Free PerfectFit Nutrition Coaching T-Shirt or Tank Included



What Are The PFN Templates?

  • Semi-Custom Macronutrient Plan Based On Age, Weight, Gender, Training Preference, Overall Goals, and more.
  • Great for those who track their nutrition, and those who have Hit a Plateau

What Are Included In The Templates?

  • Daily macronutrients
  • Training supplementation
  • Food timing
  • Suggested foods to avoid
  • How To Guide to the program
  • Tips on How To Maximize Results
  • Tips on how to succeed with a busy work schedule, Including Swing Shifts


What Are The Differences Between PFN and Other Templates?

  • Access To A Coach
  • Reduce Body Fat while Building Dense Muscle
  • Revision to Template
  • Credit for 1 on 1 coaching
  • Semi – Custom program based on much more variables

How Long Do The Templates Last?

  • Each template can last up to 3 months depending on the clients commitment level to the template outline.

What Type of Training Are The Templates Good For?

  • PFN Templates can be used by any individual, in any sport, and any training style.

Do You Have Access To A Coach?

  • Yes, you have access to a coach during the first week of the program, and you are given one revision to your template program after four weeks.

Can You Switch To A One On One Custom Program?

  • Yes. If you would like to switch your account to a custom program, we will apply your template payment to the cost of the 1 on 1 program.

Does PFN Offer Refunds

  • Once a template has been sent to a client, there are no refunds available.


  • Please consult a physician before starting PFN if you have any known medical condition inducing, but not limited to, cancer, thyroid, pregnancy, lactating, and so on.
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