I can’t ever thank them enough!

I started working with Spencer & Lauren in January of 2017. I had been serious in the gym for going on 3 years at the time. However, I never took my nutrition seriously. I would try diets out and last for maybe a few weeks, a month at the most and then go right back into my bad habits. Never fully knowing how to fuel my body, I failed time after time. In January I decided enough was enough. I’d worked so hard in the gym and was getting stronger, but dammit I wanted to SEE my muscles!

With PFN Coaching, I finally learned how to properly fuel my body. I was never starved for food at any time. The program was very easy to follow, they told me exactly what to eat and that’s what I did. I started to feel amazing in my workouts. I PR’d my lifts like crazy! And most of all, I felt amazing in my health and in my self-confidence. After being on the program for about 6 months, I lost 29 pounds and a total of 15.5″. My blood pressure was averaging 130/85 and now sits around 115/70 on most days. Lauren was my personal coach and had my back every step of the way. She helped me get through times when I just wanted to quit and cheered me on every time we spoke. She kept me accountable which is what I needed someone to do so that I could succeed. I am still a work in progress but thanks to PFN Coaching, they have given me valuable tools to continue on a healthy path in my life. I can’t ever thank them enough!

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